Patient Testimonial

Mohammed nayeem uddin

Best doctors of medical & surgical oncologist available there. Any type of cancer can treat there. Emergency service also available ac room general and ward available. Happy with overall services and treatments.

Mr. Mahesh Kumar

Hi, my name is Mahesh Kumar. I tested positive for Dengue and came to Neelima Hospitals for the treatment. Dr. Ajith treated me with care, and his medications worked well for me. The nursing staff is caring and available at all times.

Mr. Hanumanthu

I came to Neelima Hospitals to consult the doctor as I was suffering from fever. After diagnosis, we got to know that it’s Dengue fever, due to which my platelet count started to decrease. My condition got better in less time. I’m grateful to Dr. Ajith and the entire hospital staff who looked after me so well.

Mr. Rama Koti

Hi, I’m Ram Koti. I was down with Viral fever for about 5 days with no improvement in my condition. After getting admitted to Neelima Hospitals, finally, I could see an improvement. Dr. Ajith’s medications have worked very well, and I’m glad to the hospital staff for being so patient.

Venkat Krishna Reddy

Hi, my name is Venkat Krishna Reddy. I have come from the port city. I was suffering from Dengue fever and got admitted to Neelima Hospital. Dr. Ajith Kumar treated me so well and was always available for me. The hospital staff is accommodating. I’m glad to have visited this hospital for my treatment.

Mr. Srikanth

I’m a professional badminton player and injured my right leg ACL while playing. After consulting Dr. Rajashekar Reddy, I decided to get the surgery done. I was tensed initially, however, Dr. Rajashekar Reddy made me feel better and suggested medical insurances. The hospital staff is very cool.

Mr. Mohammad Yakub

Hi, my name is Mohammad Yakub. I came to Neelima Hospitals for my lung treatment. I got a good doctor and team over here. I’m so happy with the system and technology at Neelima Hospitals.


Namaste, my name is Lakshmi, and I am from Medak district. I came to Neelima Hospitals for my treatment. The doctor and staff took very good care of me. They checked up on me every hour. Neelima ma’am condition thrice every day and suggested diet & prescriptions accordingly. I’m satisfied with the services.

Mr. Bhanuchandar

Hi, I’m Bhanuchandar. I got stones in my Kidney and got admitted to Neelima Hospitals to get it treated. Dr. PV.G.S Prasad successfully removed the stones. I like the services offered at Neelima Hospitals. Very caring and friendly staff.

Mr. Arvind Shety

Hi, I’m Aravind Shetty. I stay in Dilsukhnagar. The hospitality service, right from the front desk to lift to hospital staff, it was all great. Everyone is so welcoming here and are so well trained. I’m very much happy with the services and the treatment at Neelima Hospitals.

Mr. Srinivas

Hi, I’m Srinivas, and I came to this hospital for my father. Dr. Ajith Kumar has taken very care of my dad. The entire staff was always available throughout the treatment. Thank you, Neelima Hospitals, for your quality service.

Mr. Vijay Kumar

Hi, I’m Vijay Kumar. I suffered from Viral Fever and was admitted to Neelima Hospital for my treatment. The doctor and staff brought about an improvement in my condition within 8 hours. I’m so grateful for their valuable service. Nothing can match the treatment and hospitality of this hospital.

Mr. Arun Kumar

Hi, my name is Arun Kumar. I’m from Kurnool and got admitted to Neelima Hospitals due to dengue fever. The doctor and nurses looked after me round the clock. I’m pleased with the services offered at this hospital.